Fabrication de savon liquide savon de Marseille

Saponalia manufactures its liquid soap following the traditional method: vegetable oils are mixed in a stainless-steel cauldron, and potash is added progressively to start the saponification reaction.

After this phase, the soap is gently heated for a minimum of 6 hours to complete the reaction. The paste obtained from the heating process is transformed into liquid soap by adding water.

Our daily production capacity is 6 tons — our flexibility allows us to accept productions starting at 300 liters per reference.

We can propose to you either our classic formulas such as Coprah-Olive, Coprah-Argan, Olive-Laurel bay etc., or customized formulas which use active ingredients specific to your needs and brand.

Selection of products we make:

  • Liquid hand soap
  • Shower soap
  • “Pur Savon de Marseille” laundry detergent
  • “Savon de Marseille” dishwashing detergent
  • Liquid black soap
  • All purpose liquid soap (floor, kitchen, etc.)
  • Soap for washing fruits and vegetables