Our Story

In the heart of Provence, Béatrix Beaudéant, who holds a doctorate in pharmacy with a specialization in cosmetics, created Saponalia in 2010 after more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Béatrix and her team manufacture liquid soap.

To accommodate the company’s growth, Saponalia moved in 2018 to a new, larger building in order to double production capacity.

We manufacture our soap using the most traditional method of soapmaking known as the Marseille method.

Soaps are the oldest known surfactants and their history dates back almost 5000 years. Soaps are created by the reaction of an alkali with oils.

The first evidence of soapmaking dates back to Babylonian times, around 2800 BC! The Babylonians made soap from ashes and animal fat.

In approximately 1000 BC in the northwest of Syria, a soap was  manufactured which is known today as “Aleppo soap”. This soap was obtained by saponification of olive oil and laurel bay oil.

During the Crusades, the recipe of Aleppo soap reached Europe. It would thus become the ancestor of all hard soaps in the world.

Fabrication de savon liquide